Friday, March 19, 2010

Unlocking Truth

Happy Spring everyone! Here is my latest image I created for an art show I had in San Diego:

The truth within yourself is unlocked not by simply taking or doing something from some self-serving agenda, but the truth of who you are is revealed when you give yourself to others. When that truth within yourself is known, truth within those you give to will also be realized.

I also wrote a poem for this one:


It can come in a whisper or a mighty ocean's roar
It can come like a thief in the night, or in a package left at your door
It has a way of sneaking up on you unexpected
And will let you know immediately if anything has been neglected
It's not always pleasant, it's not always kind
It can be when it wants to, just depends on how much you're willing to try
To peer inside the looking glass and get real about what you see
It never comes with an easy answer, but there is a guarantee
That if you reach deep down and take a chance this thing will set you free
But there has to be a willingness to unearth
This mystery, this enigma, to understand life's total worth
This word-twister, this mind-bender, is often called Truth
And many today search for it in some kind of fountain of youth
Or call for it long-distance hoping to find it from some roadside phone booth
But the more you try to pin it down the more it gets lost
And no matter how far you seek it there's always another line to be crossed
It lacks a single name
Like a lion that can't be tamed
It refuses to be defined
And can't be bought with your and nickels and dimes
Never confined to a single lone space
And often comes in blinding moments of grace
It's not something that can be owned
But can be experienced, just depends what kind of seeds that are sown
Look for it in reflections
In the eyes of another
And you'll come across glimpses of perfection
And in yourself too, it will be uncovered
But this must be dispensed so that it can stay alive
You can't keep it to yourself, otherwise it spoils and rots, and gets twisted into a lie
That something that gets uncovered is what the world really needs
And sometimes it goes by what we call Truth with a capital T
Often you will hear it speak through the actions of the meek
The reality is the Truth within you is what people really seek

-Jason Godbey

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